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Cushions   Description
  Meditation cushions are made in a range of sizes to suit all meditation postures.
The covers are cotton with zip and carrying handle.
The inner bag is filled to capacity with 100% recycled fibre for a firm support.


Diameter of all cushions are 35cm with variable height ranging from 50mm to 200mm
Meditation Mats   Description
  These meditation mats are filled with 100% recycled fibre wadding.
Mats are available in a choice of colours, and are hand stitched to help keep their shape.


65cm x 90cm x 3cm
Meditation Stools   Description
  Traditionally styled this stool combines solid construction with the natural beauty of wood. The platform is angled to enhance posture and comfort.
Picture :-
Front - child's version
Left - white pine
Right - Oak
Rear - redwoodSizePlatform - 45cm x 19cm
Height at rear - 19cm
Height at front - 15cm
Small Meditation Mats   Description
  Easier to carry than the traditional mats, they can be used with any of the cushions or just as a kneeling pad.

45cm x 45cm x 3cm
Two Colour Cushion   Description
  Meditation cushions in a range of colours to suit your decor

Please state colours on the order form

Sets   Description

Ideal set for home use or as a gift

Sets include a mat and cushions or stool and stool cushion

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